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New Page is not working
hhDate: Tuesday, 12.03.2013, 19:04 | Message # 1
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I installed template "Webbuilding" Ref link:http://ucoztemplates.com/shop/153/desc/webbuilding 
After that whenever i made a new page, whenever i click on page name on front end in main menu. its not showing it returns me to the home page. It was working right with old template. 
Website url: http://helpandhope.do.am/ 
New page name: Contact us 
Page url:http://helpandhope.do.am/index/contact_us/0-4 

--- YES i installed the template properly according to the instructions given in this forum.-> http://ucoztemplates.com/forum/7-318-1
In template archive there were three files  
 buidler.txt file 
css file
and  a file named as main page.
i put (replace)
builder file code in tempalte builder there.
css code in css style sheets 
and main page file code in site pages .

Added (12.03.2013, 19:04)
ok i solved it up biggrin there was some error in main page code.

UndisPutedDate: Tuesday, 12.03.2013, 21:00 | Message # 2
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hh,  Well done biggrin

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