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Dominion help
SuperstarDate: Monday, 03.02.2014, 18:25 | Message # 1
Group: Users
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Hello! I've installed Dominion template and got a little problem. Well, the Medals module (custom module) set for users' profiles doesn't work. Actually, the medals don't get displayed.

<div class="med">
  <img src="/profile/medals/admin.gif" border="0" title="AD Games Administrator" alt="" />
  <script type="text/javascript">
var n; medal='';

zn=$_REPUTATION$; Nm=Math.floor(zn/10);
for(i=0;i<Nm;i++) medal+=' <img border="" alt="" src="'+put+'medal11.gif" title="For a positive reputation">';

zn=$_PUBL_ENTRIES$; Nm=Math.floor(zn/3);
for(i=0;i<Nm;i++) medal+=' <img border="" alt="" src="'+put+'medal4.gif" title="For articles">';

zn=$_LOAD_ENTRIES$; Nm=Math.floor(zn/10);
for(i=0;i<Nm;i++) medal+=' <img border="" alt="" src="'+put+'medal3.gif" title="For files">';

zn=$_FORUM_ENTRIES$+$_COM_ENTRIES$; Nm=Math.floor(zn/10);
if(zn>20) rep='20'  
if(zn>100) rep='100'  
if(zn>250) rep='250'  
if(zn>400) rep='400'  
if(zn>500) rep='500'  
if(rep) medal+=' <img border="" alt="" src="'+put+rep+'.gif" title="For communication" />';

  <strong><em>No awards</em></strong>

That's the code for it. I posted 21 comments on the news section and the medal for 20 comments doesn't appear. The medal for being a admin doesn't appear too (only on 1 admin - the site creator) - it just says "No Awards".  Is there a way to fix that?
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