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FAQ for the uCoz system
adminDate: Friday, 05.11.2010, 18:08 | Message # 1
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[1] How many Mbytes of disk space do you give?
We give unlimited disk space for free. Immediately after registration you get 400 Mb of disk space, but the longer you stay with us, the greater amount of Mb is automatically added.

[2] Is it possible to install PHP/Perl scripts and to use MySQL?
PHP – is a paid service. It is available both within packages of services (starting with “Advanced 2” package) and as a separate services ($1.99 per month).

It is forbidden to use such language features as:

system calls (proc_open, proc_terminate, shell_exec, system etc)

file system low-level functions (dio_fcntl, dio_open, dio_read, dio_seek etc)

shared memory functions

MySQL functions (mysql_stat, mysql_pconnect)

You can find examples of what can be done by means of PHP here - http://phpexample.ucoz.com/

Description of PHP-scripts usage - http://phpexample.ucoz.net/manual/index_en.html

[3] Can I upload pages, created by me, and pictures to the server?
Yes, you can. There is the capability to upload your files both via FTP and File Manager.

[4] Domains of which zones can I transfer to your server?
Any! To attach a domain correctly, you should just follow the instructions which are given in your Control Panel. Thus your site will be accessible both by your domain and by the initial ucoz domain.

[5] How can I get an e-mail address like mail@mysite.com ?
First attach you personal domain, e.g. "mysite.com", in the section "Domain attachment" of the Control Panel (Method 2, domain transfer by DNS). Afterwards you'll be able to adjust MX records and create various e-mail accounts in your domain with the help of various mail services, e.g. Gmail.com (Google Mail).

You can find instructions on how to create mail boxes in your domain with the help of Gmail.com in the Control Panel, "Domain attachment" section.

[6] What is the maximum size for a file for uploading to the server?
The maximum permitted size of a file for uploading on a uCoz.com server is 15 Mb. This size increases if you buy additional disk space from uCoz.

[7] I have a website, but it is hosted at another service. Can I use only one of your services, for example a forum?
Yes, you can. You should only specify the link to the uCoz module which you want to use on your site.

For example: http://www.your_site.ucoz.com/forum/

[8] I want a user, coming to my site, to get straight to the blog / forum / publisher etc. How can I set it up?
Go to your Control Panel - Common settings. Find the option "When opening the main page, redirect to:" and select the necessary module from the drop-down list.

Attention! Redirection to other sites of uCoz system is not possible.

[9] Will new modules be added?
We are constantly improving the system by adding new modules or updating the existing ones.

[10] Is it possible to upload own files to the server and how can I do this?
Yes, it is possible. Find the link "File Manager" in the Control Panel and click it. You will see a list of all files, uploaded to the server. To upload a new file from your computer click "Browse", find the necessary file, select it and click "Open".
Then click the button "Upload file". Loading should start, and as soon as it has finished a name of your file will appear on the list of files.

Pay attention to the maximum size of an uploaded file - 15 Mbytes.

You can also upload files to the server using any FTP client (for example, CuteFTP). You can find the details of FTP connection on the main page of your Control Panel, "FTP details" link at the top.

SirDarknight(Tonmoy)Date: Saturday, 30.04.2011, 06:18 | Message # 2
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[11] Where can I change the data of my site, e.g. time zone or the name of the site?
You can change them in "Common settings" section.

[12] Why can't I add news/files/photos...?
Most probably you use a browser version that is not compatible with uCoz in some way. We strongly recommend you use our Firefox customized browser or its standard version.

[13] I have got a lot of questions about design customization of my site...
You can ask all your questions about design customization in our support community forum.ucoz.com. You will find answers to almost all your questions while reading the forum.

[14] Where has my site gone? The system gives out "SITE NOT FOUND"!
In uCoz system the cleanings of inactive ("dead") sites are constantly running. A site is considered to be dead if no one visits it for 40 days. If you use .html files as your site, the visitors on the site are not taken into account and such sites are also removed in 40 days. According to the system rules you should use at least 1 content module (blog, news, catalogs, forum, guestbook etc.). If you need a simple static site constructed of html pages, uCoz is not what you need.

The system does not remove the sites at once, it marks them for removal (thus they do not work); the site has this status for the next 15 days and during this period registration of a site with the same address is impossible. While the site is being marked for removal, it is still possible to restore it. However we can restore only a site that contains sufficient amount of entries, we do not restore empty sites!

We do not carry any responsibility for your unwillingness to observe the elementary rules of our system.

[15] Is it possible to replace FAVICON icon and where is it located?
Icon replacing is possible. You just have to upload your own icon to the root folder of your account (you can’t see it, after entering FTP you are already in it, and the same with the File Manager). The data for FTP connection are located on the main page of the Control Panel.

[16] Is it possible to upload smileys?
You can create your custom set of smileys in the section "Smileys Editor" (the link can be found on the main page of the Control Panel). After creating a set of smileys, it is necessary to specify in module settings that you want to use this set (just examine module settings).

Besides you can add your smileys to any of the existing sets. For this purpose you must create a folder named "sml" in the section "File Manager", and upload there any smileys. The amount of smileys should be not more than 200 pieces, all the smileys should have .gif extension, and such smileys would work only if BB-codes are enabled.

[17] What are BB codes?
BB codes are one of the informal standards of text formatting, without the usage of HTML tags. We have replaced HTML tags by BB codes for the purposes of safety, as by means of using HTML tags a dishonest user can spoil the appearance of your pages, пуе important information stored in cookie files of your site visitors, and do other unpleasant actions.

[18] Is it possible to make the block "Who's online" on the main page?
It is possible. All you need is to activate “Who's online" feature” in the Common settings of your Control panel.

[19] How to redirect not from a site, but from a page only?
It is also possible to redirect visitors by means of META tags or JavaScript. You can read how to do this in HTML manuals.

[20] Can I store MP3 audio files on the site?
You can upload any files, the size of which doesn't exceed 15Mb.

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SirDarknight(Tonmoy)Date: Saturday, 30.04.2011, 06:19 | Message # 3
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[21] Is it possible to remove a pop-up bar from my site?
It is uCoz ad banner. It can be removed for a fee. You can do it through the Control Panel, "$" tab.

[22] How can I put a banner on my site?
Control panel – "Customize Design". Choose a template, insert there any HTML code.

[23] Is it possible to upload files via FTP?
Yes, there is such capability. You can find the details for the establishing of FTP connection in the section "File Manager" of the Control Panel or on the main page of the Control Panel. Remember, for FTP to work you should confirm your e-mail and set FTP password.

[24] Can I change the address of my site for any other uCoz address (site1.ucoz.com for site2.ucoz.com)?
It is impossible. But if you have your own domain you can attach it to the site for free (e.g.: http://www.yourdomain.com/ ).

[25] Is it possible to upload my own robots.txt file?
Certainly, you can upload your own robots.txt file using File Manager or FTP client. However we strongly recommend not to do this as the default robots.txt file is adjusted so that search engines could index your site the most qualitatively, i.e. Robots would see only the pages of your site that contain some information and would not see any technical pages (users’ login, registration of users, etc.).

[26] I cannot login to the Control Panel. The system gives out: "Session timeout or your IP address has changed. Enter your password once again."
Probable problems:

Cookies are not accepted (or blocked) by your browser or firewall. Adjust these programs and you will be able to log in.

Service for traffic economy ("Traffic Compressor") is used. When using this service all information is being archived and transmitted through another server. Therefore IP can change each time you update a page.

You have installed software which dynamically changes proxy address and therefore hides your real IP. It is necessary to turn off the program when working with the Control Panel or with your site as we use binding to IP address (it is a standard safety method).

Someone else is trying to work in the Control Panel simultaneously with you. As session is bound to IP address it is impossible to work from 2 different IP addresses simultaneously.

[27] Why can't I add the site to Altavista/Yahoo/Google etc.?
As a result of struggle with people who use the system to create doorways we temporarily block sites indexing by means of "robots.txt" file. Such blocking also helps not to pollute search engines with empty sites. You shouldn’t worry about that, blocking is automatically disabled in 30 days (it should be enough for you to fill the site so search engines could index it in the best way) or if the site is attended stably by some minimum number of visitors (the exact values are not disclosed in order to prevent abusing).

Promotion of a site should start not with its addition to search engines (search engines will find your site anyway), but with reading the section "Site Promotion" (the link is on the main page of the Control Panel).

Remember, we are also interested that your sites were interesting and popular, therefore EVERYTHING that we do, we do for your advantage.

[28] Is it possible to replace the default 404 error page with my own?
It is possible, in spite of the fact that we do not support ".htaccess" file, we have enabled the opportunity to customize own page with the error #404 (file not found). To install your own page you should simply upload a file named "404.htm" to the root folder via FTP or File Manager (the link is on the main page of the Control Panel).

You can customize "404.htm" file as you want, it depends on your skills in HTML.

*root folder is the folder where you get immediately after entering File Manager.

[29] How can I replace "SITE LOGO" and "MyCorp" with custom data?
We have thought of people, inexperienced in HTML. So you can replace necessary blocks on your site by pressing only 1 button. For this purpose you should enter the section "Design Customization" -> "Quick replacement".

[30] I’ve got a problem with the menu; there are identical sections repeated several times. How can I fix it?
Control panel-> Customize Design -> Site Menu Builder. You can customize on your site everything you need, all you have to do is just to examine the Control Panel.

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