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Create First Page Using File Manager and HTML
SirDarknight(Tonmoy)Date: Saturday, 07.05.2011, 07:08 | Message # 1
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Creating Intro:

1. If you are on Windows - start Notepad. If on Mac - start SimpleText.

Quote (2. Add this code inside your Notepad or SimpleText.)

<title>Your Site Name</title>

<body style="background:#252525;">

<center><img src="--Image--Link--" border="0"></center>
<td align="center"><a href="--Site--Link--"><img src="--Image--Link--" border="0"></a></td>
<td align="center"><a href="--Site--Link--"><img src="--Image--Link--" border="0"></a></td>

<small>Copyright © SirDarknight</small>

3. Click on File -> Save as... -> index.html


1. Go to Control Panel -> Page Editor -> File Manager.
2. Create Folder by name of "index" or "intro".
3. Upload your index.html file inside this folder.

Creating Base:

1. Go to Control Panel -> Page Editor -> Pages management.
2. Edit "Main Page". Go down till you see "Options" field.
3. Mark "Apply personal template to the page" and save.


1.Go to Control Panel -> Customize Design -> Main page.
2. Replace whole pages content with this one:

<body bgcolor="#000000">
<script language=javascript>
window.location= "--Page URL--";

3. Modify bgcolor="#000000" with your colour. (H)
4. Modify --Page URL-- with your "intro" or "index" folders url.

New Main Page:

1. Go to Control Panel -> Page Editor -> Add new page.
2. Create page by any name you like - Home Page.
3. If you have installed "Site News", add pages content:

<?if($ADD_ENTRY_LINK$)?><div style="text-align:right;padding-bottom:3px;">[ <a href="$ADD_ENTRY_LINK$">Add news entry</a> ]</div><?endif?>$LAST_NEWS$

4. Save and go to your New-Created home page.
5. Copy the url of this page from browsers url field.
6. Go to File Manager inside your index or intro folder.
7. Click on modify tool of your index.html file.
8. Replace link which links to make page to copied link.
9. Save changes and you're fully done with intro.

Note: You might want to change url in your Site Menu as well.

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