uCoz Review

uCoz is a system of website management with free access. It is also a hosting for websites that were created with the help of this system. The system gives all users a chance to create complicated web projects quickly and easy. You don't need to have any additional knowledge to do it. Interface of the website builder is understandable on a hunch. It made this platform extremely popular. At present, more then 1 million of the Internet websites are made with this platform.

If to speak about Russian segment of Internet, we must say, that uCoz occupies the 16th place among the Russian websites by the level of attendance.

All the modules can be used in a combination. It helps to create a fully-functioning website. You may choose the modules you like and need in different situations.

Now, let me be more specific, when speaking about the web service itself and the suggested services.

Free Web Hosting

As a SaaS platform it takes care of the hardware component of the project. That is why, user doesn't have to worry about managing the server, where his websites are located. If you use the services of the hosting company, you are the one who is responsible for the working abilities of the project in the majority of cases.

Website and Module Management

This is the most powerful feature. Website contains several modules. There are lots of them and they are all ready for work. You do not need to set up the modules. All you need is to activate or remove them, depending on your desires. I you can also make the module unavailable by deleting it from the menu. It is possible to do the page editing; to manage e-mail forms, publisher, files, photos; to create news; to manage comments, guest book, tag board, statistics; to transfer the domain name e.t.c. You can have access to all those things via Control panel. It is possible to set your website in accordance with your needs. The Control panel itself is pretty clear and comprehensible, so anyone can manage the website creation. At present, there are many tutorial websites about uCoz web service. Some of them have video lessons. There is a forum and a textbook to help with web service. So you can grasp the main principals of work on the spot. It is possible to have access to the Control panel via Internet. That is why you can manage your website from any computer, connected to Internet.


Design is a pet peeve of any website builder. Combination of shapes and colors is very important. You need to have profound professional knowledge to make a nice-looking design. Some of the newbies do not only mix several designs. They also make their websites impossible to read. There are default templates in uCoz web service. You may be 100% sure, that they were created by qualified professionals. To set the default template, go to Control panel and choose the suitable template. If you have enough knowledge, you may change the code and the styles to make the color and the header of the website look different. You may also use the Template builder. It is not that difficult, if you already know how the design will look like.


As the website is managed through Internet, we pay a lot of attention to security. It is done for the benefit of the users in the first place. The fact that PHP and MySQL is forbidden to use with uCoz is also caused by security precautions. Those of you who have studied programming, know, that it is not that easy to set up the security system. In uCoz web services it will be taken care of for you!

There are no perfect engines. Each of them have their own drawbacks. uCoz platform has huge possibilities and is one of the best among other Content Management Systems. It is much easier to set up uCoz website, than it is to set up the website with Drupal, Joomla, WordPress e.t.c.

Existing modules give you a chance to create a website with the necessary functions. In the majority of CMS, such features as entry’s evaluation, comments, private messages between the users do not exist. In most of cases, forum doesn’t exist as well. That is why you need to adjust the engine of the forum and the engine of the website.

It means that besides CSS and HTML, you will need to learn how to use PHP and work with data base.

So, the bottom line of our review is that uCoz web service is perfect for people that are absolutely ignorant at web-building. It is also good for those, who value their time. You will be satisfied with what this system provides. The platform gives a chance to create a well-functioning website quickly and easy. You do not need to have any additional knowledge or skills to accomplish that.