Busy Day
Rating: 3.0
Template builder:yes [?]
Number of columns:2
Website width:1000 px
File size:209.5Kb, zip
Template author:uCozTemplates
Last time updated:09.04.2019
Fine business template for your company. Strict, stylish, business. The principle of work of a slider (the switch of pictures on the main page) is adjusted and is described in the instruction.
Fabrizio Rubino (fabriziorubino) at 20:55 18.10.2017 wrote:
(Sheriff) at 21:14 18.10.2017 wrote:

fixed bug, sent you an email with the order
Dody Geo (Danny) at 20:56 02.10.2013 wrote:
From Views:304 i am the only as stupid to buy this Purchases:1
Thank you uCoz for having me fooled
Olga (Olsiva) at 12:30 03.11.2013 wrote:
Don't be fooled by yourself. This template was purchased many times http://utemplate.pro/shop/48/desc/busy-day
You just don't want to work with it.
Dody Geo (Danny) at 15:20 25.09.2013 wrote:
This template is not working .
I want my money back or to buy another template with them.
Why do you sell such templates that don't work proprely :|
Olga (Olsiva) at 11:56 30.09.2013 wrote:
The template is working fine and was tested before selling in this store.
If you have any troubles with the installation process, please describe the troubles you have or you can buy the installation http://ucoztemplates.com/shop/159/desc/template-installation You will get the template as it is on the demo.
Dody Geo (Danny) at 15:37 30.09.2013 wrote:
No need to buy any installation becouse this template is not working ... 
i know to install a template smile
just the first page is fine but the rest is a joke, you call that a template? 
if i want to use the video or photo modul, do you think this template is working?
i don't want my money back , just to delete this template and to get other that is working in all the moduls with that money.
i just want a premium template that is "premium" , not a joke like this.
i presum that if a make a complain you will get that?
Olga (Olsiva) at 12:36 03.11.2013 wrote:
Have you tried read the instruction and install the tmpl.txt file? If "yes" all the modules will be working great. So many words by you just because you don't wanna do anything.

I can bet $100 that I'll install it with this file & record on the video. Wanna bet? smile

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