Rating: 4.0
Categories:Online store/shop
Template builder:yes [?]
Number of columns:2
Website width:1000 px
File size:108.9Kb, zip
Template author:uCozTemplates
Last time updated:09.04.2019
Cotut Sandu Alin (districtgsm) at 11:19 17.08.2016 wrote:
This product is translated in Romanian?
Saul Soto (sato) at 00:21 15.09.2013 wrote:
Hi, if I buy the template you can make some small modifications to the template? is that I want a place where articles are offered but not purchased with money but are changed by other objects.
Cristian Hidalgo (SIЯCAM™) at 09:45 20.04.2013 wrote:
I have a question, after buying this template, how is the process to installing

I have a website store created with Ucoz system

And I really liked this template to use but..I need to be sure of the process to install it dont want to make a mess.

Thanks in advance.
Olga (Olsiva) at 13:26 23.04.2013 wrote:
Hi Cristian,
After bying the template you'll get a zip file with the instructions and the template.
Follow the instructions and the template will be installed correctly.

If you will have troubles with the installation process, let me know.
Cristian Hidalgo (SIЯCAM™) at 09:34 25.08.2014 wrote:
Thanks for your help Olga

I bought yesterday the template called " Webline" and installed myselff without problems, thank you

Mamuka Khevsurishvili (msbmamuka) at 01:21 03.03.2013 wrote:
mojna па этам Saite pravam storane pastavit reklami?? ia imeiu vidu esli mojna sdelat mesta dlia banerav
Olga (Olsiva) at 17:31 04.03.2013 wrote:
Please write in English.

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