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Last time updated:17.02.2015

Beautiful and stylish template Flat for sites running in the system uCoz. Despite the fact that it is marketed primarily as a template for gaming topics, and can be used to design websites of other topics.

Key features include:
  • unique design;
  • slider with support for graphics, text and links;  
  • cross-browser layout;
  • HTML5 markup;
  • integration of CSS3;
  • full designer support menu;
  • support for all modules;
  • detailed documentation for installation and configuration.  
     Note: The window with the settings of the background is available only on the demo site.. 
     Also included with the template are 3 extra background.
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Pain Clan (demonfoxpain) at 15:39 12.02.2017 wrote:
Hey, I bought this template today and installed it on my site. www.demonfox-pain.do.am. The home page is proper when I load it in computer browser, but when I load it on mobile, the background is truncated. Let me know if you can help. I will provide more details.
mohamed safwat (SHAHRAYAAR) at 19:13 31.12.2016 wrote:
i paid it and have problem can i get help
Radio Kalibru (AdminFilme) at 00:16 25.11.2015 wrote:
Hello! Cant pay with MasterCard?
Mathias Buus Larsen (Buus) at 10:51 12.05.2015 wrote:
Hello. I have paid premium. How can i get my free premium templates `?
Dmitry K. (Dmitry_DM) at 09:29 13.05.2015 wrote:

please contact to Support http://www.ucoz.com/contact
(saratatina) at 15:15 20.03.2015 wrote:
Is it possible get help for this template.
I bought it and all is ok after ucoz assistance.
But, I can't install other modules as Video,Catalog, etc.
Does will help if I install all modules then install template again?

If someone can help with assistance like before I can pay again for that.

Thanks in advance.

Forget this. I somehow managed
Dmitry Kiselev (Dmitry_DM) at 15:19 20.03.2015 wrote:
Does will help if I install all modules then install template again?

yes, sure. Did you try it?
daniel forde (3rdegree) at 16:48 16.12.2014 wrote:
I have now made it work without help. And adapted it but it now shows head> at the top left in html. I don't know why. I have logged so many messages to technical as you have no uk contact number. The template was easy to install and in English. The instructions are not clear on the read me. FTP didn't work as the port number is nowhere to be seen for my website. And when trying to change the password  my already verified mobile phone won't except when I change anything. So no ftp. So this is what I did which worked perfectly but for the head> thing. Create folders matching those of the extracted file ucoz send you on your server 'file manager' then go to template builder and copy the template code into the white space...press create. A pop up appears with ticks for successful. Job done. All you previous build modules and all content stayed the same. Perfect. template is cool and easy to change. But for the head> thing I need to fix.
Dmitry Kiselev (Dmitry_DM) at 17:11 16.12.2014 wrote:

FTP didn't work as the port number is nowhere to be seen for my website. And when trying to change the password my already verified mobile phone won't except when I change anything. So no ftp. So this is what I did which worked perfectly

you're talking about system, not about template smile simple uCoz function

But for the head>

what is the URL of your website?
daniel forde (3rdegree) at 17:16 16.12.2014 wrote:
Yes the ftp is a ucoz issue, The template is cool. and very adaptable so perfect for the money, or free with ucoz premium and they just send you the zip on request.  http://www.3rdegreeburns.com/  the head> thing top left is frustrating lol
Dmitry Kiselev (Dmitry_DM) at 17:24 16.12.2014 wrote:
yes, thank you.
My screenshot: http://screencast.com/t/4JOuc1WtP

You can use "Quick replacement" http://www.3rdegreeburns.com/panel/?a=frep

find: head>
Replace with: </head>
= >replace
daniel forde (3rdegree) at 17:28 16.12.2014 wrote:
Yes the head> was in black I should have spotted that. I don't know why it was like that. but thanks...now the template rocks. .thanks again Dmitry.
Dmitry Kiselev (Dmitry_DM) at 17:45 16.12.2014 wrote:
daniel forde (3rdegree) at 12:33 10.12.2014 wrote:
I have paid for premium eshop two days ago which states all templates free. I want this template but it needs to be in English and also it should show as free?????
Dmitry Kiselev (Dmitry_DM) at 12:40 10.12.2014 wrote:

template in English (and instructions).
If you watn to get this template for free (because you've paid premium package) – you need to use contact form ( http://www.ucoz.com/contact ). Our support can help you with this question (how to get)
daniel forde (3rdegree) at 12:43 10.12.2014 wrote:
Wow that was quick. Yeah I have checked on my control panel and I paid 12 months. I will try your link. I thought as I was logged into templates. It would recognise this and say free next to the template.
Dmitry Kiselev (Dmitry_DM) at 12:47 10.12.2014 wrote:
Yes, but very soon we'll fix current problems with "how to get template, if you've paid premium package". I'm sure that our support will help you very quickly
Zuka Dzamunashvili (zukofia) at 03:14 15.11.2014 wrote:
http://world-gamers.net/ help me please look at news .... how i must fix this?
Dmitry Dmitriev (Dmitry_DM) at 11:30 15.11.2014 wrote:

Could you please tell me what's wrong with news?
1) http://screencast.com/t/xH47ae5OSb
2) http://screencast.com/t/Yn590k1d6
Yoann Garbe (Mokosei) at 17:19 19.07.2014 wrote:
I have buy this template, but I haven't link to download it...
Lk TEam (lkteam) at 15:27 25.06.2014 wrote:
i got a problem with one of my website any help i installed a new ucoz template when the website is accessed via www.skygaming.cp0.uk doesnt workd says server nt found but works without "www" so all the time i need to use it as this skygaming.cp0.uk sad idk what happened and plus is users got mozzila, mozzila automaticaly puts "www" and it will nt work my email is vladic@cp0.uk Thank you
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