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OBlivion - stylish and adaptive template for websites running on the system uCoz. Despite the fact that it is positioned primarily as a template for gaming and movie themes, can be used to design websites other topics. 
Key features include:
  • unique design; 
  • adaptive design 
  • adaptive slider with support for graphics, video, text and links; 
  • cross-browser layout; 
  • HTML5 markup; 
  • integration of CSS3; 
  • Unlimited number of color options; 
  • Advanced Configuration of the main page to output it to the list of materials with the help of the informer; 
  • Font Awesome - more than 300 icons; 
  • Custom layout albums; 
  • Non-standard design materials; 
  • support for all modules; 
  • detailed documentation for installation and configuration.



* fix the menu overlap mobile version
* add new: responsive video


TAG_Utter Utter (thearmmaximus) at 16:43 16.07.2016 wrote:
hi all is working good( i think)

what this means ( Copy view photos in a folder Settings; View Images ) , because when upload a photo cant see the menu only half

Derlandes Henriques (nataliaederlandes) at 06:54 13.05.2015 wrote:
the recent and popular don't appear on my site . I created two pages for testing and did not appear .
Dmitry K. (Dmitry_DM) at 09:32 13.05.2015 wrote:
how about informers? Do you have informers for "recent"?
Derlandes Henriques (nataliaederlandes) at 10:32 13.05.2015 wrote:
How many posts need to appear ?
Speed vasile-florin (bestial-exces) at 21:19 14.05.2015 wrote:
I solved the problem thanks dima from: ucozthemplates

but this code in css: .view-first img {
    width: 100%;
Speed vasile-florin (bestial-exces) at 23:52 10.05.2015 wrote:
Do not know why I do not look correct : appearance of photo entries , something is wrong : Check -conferences http://connect-s.ucoz.ro/photo/
Paul (Paul) at 02:40 23.04.2015 wrote:
Need help!! How to fix Popular section on home page, I got it working mostly but for some reason the first 3 are fine but the 4th post is on a new line. How to keep them on the same line?!

The website is http://cypris.ucoz.com If that helps
Dmitry K. (Dmitry_DM) at 10:49 23.04.2015 wrote:

add to CSS:
div.grid_5:nth-child(5) {
width: 219px !important;
div.grid_5:nth-child(5) > a:nth-child(1) > img:nth-child(1) {
width: 219px !important;
Paul (Paul) at 00:26 24.04.2015 wrote:
I just added it to the code and it works perfectly now.

Derlandes Henriques (nataliaederlandes) at 18:59 13.05.2015 wrote:
What css? animate.css, grid.css, fontawesome.css, reset.css or settings.css?

this code: 

div.grid_5:nth-child(5) {
width: 219px !important;
div.grid_5:nth-child(5) > a:nth-child(1) > img:nth-child(1) {
width: 219px !important;
Paul (Paul) at 19:46 04.04.2015 wrote:
I've got one more question! In this template the links automatically turn into buttons (e.g. links people put in forum posts). How could I go about removing the button and keeping only a link, like normally?

Thanks again!
Dmitry K. (Dmitry_DM) at 20:40 04.04.2015 wrote:
Can you show real example? (for example thread url from your website)
Paul (Paul) at 18:29 01.04.2015 wrote:
On the home page, where it says Popular and recent, what is the code for the Informers?I am having some trouble setting them up.
Dmitry K. (Dmitry_DM) at 22:16 01.04.2015 wrote:
8. To create a widget you need to go Tools-> Informery-> Create widget.
         For the first and second code informer copy folder
Settings-> Informery-> Informer (He is responsible for the removal of material from the module to the main blog).

did you try it?
<div class="grid_5">  
<a href="$ENTRY_URL$"> <img src="$IMG_URL1$" width="300" height="157"></a>
<span><a href="$ENTRY_URL$">$TITLE$</a></span>
  <div class="buttoncenter"><button onclick="document.location='$ENTRY_URL$'">Read more</button></div>
Paul (Paul) at 02:13 03.04.2015 wrote:
Thanks, but for some reason the posts are 3 to a line instead of 4 and the 4th is on a new line? The sizes look correct though...
Paul (Paul) at 00:27 18.03.2015 wrote:
My only problem.. Why can't I get anything to show up in the popular or the recent tabs on the homepage?
Dmitry Kiselev (Dmitry_DM) at 09:04 18.03.2015 wrote:

can I see your website? (url)
Paul (Paul) at 22:33 17.03.2015 wrote:
Amazing theme!

Tip for everyone: When you install the template, make sure all wanted modules are enabled PRE-INSTALLATION or you will have to install again for it to design those modules. Took me a while to realize this (probably shouldn't have...) but now you don't have to deal with that. smile
Alex Bychkov (Shmalex) at 07:31 30.10.2014 wrote:
Pros: Fluidity, responsive
Cons: menu opens behind the carousel
Creator please fix the menu overlap, in full and mobile version, If you press on the submenu you will see that it pops out behind the carousel. Also is it possible to make the scrolling menu just like in the Apoffiss Template? Please email me when you will fix it and i will buy it. olekbyc@gmail.com

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