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Last time updated:17.02.2015

Beautiful and stylish template Jasper for sites running in the system uCoz. Despite the fact that it is marketed primarily as a template for gaming topics, and can be used to design websites of other topics.

Key features include:
  • unique design;
  • slider with support for graphics, video, text and links;  
  • cross-browser layout;
  • HTML5 markup;
  • integration of CSS3;
  • full designer support menu;
  • support for all modules;
  • detailed documentation for installation and configuration.  


Elexy Reyah (Elexy) at 13:56 16.10.2015 wrote:
I want to pay someone to do needed modifications to this template... Can anyone help me with that?
Cristian Hidalgo (SIЯCAM™) at 10:14 10.03.2015 wrote:
Thanks fot the help !!
Dmitry Kiselev (Dmitry_DM) at 10:16 10.03.2015 wrote:
We need to know code of your slider ( CU3ER  3D). Where we can get?
Cristian Hidalgo (SIЯCAM™) at 10:35 10.03.2015 wrote:
Check my website ( www.myvgnc.com ) inspect the code with the browser  you will see the  CU3ER  3D slider code that start in the line 88 'till line 151 as you can see the CU3ER slider is running well but with Jasper I faliled several times triying to make the CU3ER slider work properly.
Dmitry Kiselev (Dmitry_DM) at 15:11 11.03.2015 wrote:
Thank you.
Video: http://screencast.com/t/CoixTlYSN

You need to delete
<script type="text/javascript" src="/js/jquery-1.8.2.min.js"></script>

<script src="http://code.jquery.com/ui/1.10.3/jquery-ui.js"></script>

That's all what you need to do after installation of a template and slider
Cristian Hidalgo (SIЯCAM™) at 20:24 11.03.2015 wrote:
Amazing, thanks a lot for the help, I will make some test.

I will looking for that line of codes and delete if work I will install your template in another and very important commercial website that I have.

Thanks !!
Cristian Hidalgo (SIЯCAM™) at 00:02 10.03.2015 wrote:
A nice template but I had a lot of problems to install my own slider, (CU3ER  3D image slider).  I had to discard this template and use a free one that allow me to install my slider without issues...I still have hopes that I could use it in another website.
Dmitry Kiselev (Dmitry_DM) at 09:57 10.03.2015 wrote:
Could you describe the problem in details?

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