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Last time updated:23.08.2013
This is a stylish template in dark colors. It is perfect for a photo album as well as for watching video online. The template has been tested with IE 7-8, Google, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera.
embattl3D eSGe (embattl3D) at 16:09 10.02.2017 wrote:
Beautiful template, but the slider is not working and the scripts are causing glitches.
daniel sirbu (arypel21) at 19:20 24.12.2014 wrote:
am lucrat cu fisierul  Site News si am incercat crearea unu sablon
József Sallai (bigblog) at 20:17 24.12.2014 wrote:
Mulţumim pentru feedback. Eroarea menţionată de tine apare la Constructorul şablonului. La şabloanele separat nu poate să apară această fereastră. Te rog, asigură-te că inserezi conţinutul fişierului Template builder.txt în Constructor şablon. Aici poţi găsi un tutorial despre cum să instalezi şablonul Excali - un tutorial pas cu pas: http://forum.ucoz.ro/forum/4-3569-1#21263 .

Îţi urăm sărbători fericite şi mulţumim pentru că foloseşti serviciile noastre.
Pentru orice alte întrebări legate de sistemul uCoz contactează-ne cu încredere. Mult succes proiectelor tale create prin intermediul creatorului de site-uri uCoz.
daniel sirbu (arypel21) at 19:15 24.12.2014 wrote:
astept un raspuns multumesc!!!
daniel sirbu (arypel21) at 17:34 24.12.2014 wrote:
la crearea unui sablon si la fel imi da pentru urmatorele Site News, File Catalog, Forum, Comments, Users, Web Poll multumesc anticipat !!
daniel sirbu (arypel21) at 16:03 24.12.2014 wrote:
Următoarele erori au fost găsite:Nu a fost găsit codul ferestrei pop-up.
"<!-- <popup> --><!-- </popup> -->"Şablonul nu conţine codul necesar $POWERED_BY$
József Sallai (bigblog) at 16:27 24.12.2014 wrote:
Salut! Te rugăm, menţionează unde ai întâmpinat această eroare, respectiv cu care fişier ai lucrat.
Craig Duncan (Scotkill) at 01:31 16.06.2013 wrote:
Yeah, this template no longer works. images aren't aligned properly, the css doesn't work, most things look off. Doesn't work.
Olga (Olsiva) at 12:04 23.08.2013 wrote:
I've installed the template using the setup file in the archieve.
Everything is working right. 
Just follow the instructions.
(teszt) at 22:11 25.04.2013 wrote:
maybe you have changed some main elements of templates 'Aixam' and 'Excali'. As far as I know these are two different templates and Aixam is a quite different one. Can't this be the problem???
(teszt) at 21:56 25.04.2013 wrote:
Unfortunately this template has some serious problems so we can not use it. sad

All the issues which were listed above and also some others are still unfixed (drop down menu, slider, up button, even login and logout doesn't work ). I think it has some problem in javascripts.

(I use ucoz for 3 years, and have 8 great websites running smoothly- only this has problems). Please do your best and try to fix it, because I find this template great and really would like to use it! Thanks!
Katerina (RadioCat) at 22:47 22.02.2013 wrote:
I also installed and tried to use this template for some days, but had to refuse of it.
UP button doesn't work, Slider doesn't work. After installing Aixam, block constructor doesn't work. I mean I can't push any button because they all disappear after switching on the constructor.  I didn't find if this template supports categories in photos, articles etc.
Olga (Olsiva) at 16:26 25.02.2013 wrote:
Hi Katerina,
What browser do you use?
UP button is working fine for me. Slider are also working.
Please make sure you've installed the template correctly.
Katerina (RadioCat) at 17:41 14.03.2013 wrote:
Hi Olga,
I used Safari, FireFox, Opera and Chrome.
I can't be sure about correct installing because the constructor doesn't work at all. It's impossible to finish the very last steps.
Olga (Olsiva) at 13:53 22.03.2013 wrote:
Why the constructor doesn't work? What does it say? Provide some screens pls
Also make sure you've opened files in Notepad (not Word or other text editor).
Тодорова (Bobi) at 22:55 13.02.2013 wrote:
I use your templates from more of 6 monts. From 1or may be 2  monts,  i have problem with some functions. Like : UP button doesn't  work; when i want to see my order i click on the number of the orders and - nothing. If you can help me i realy will thank you so much!
Olga (Olsiva) at 12:26 14.02.2013 wrote:
I guess you have javascript conflict on you website.
You've changed your website a lot and we don't support problems caused by user's actions.

Please ask your question on http://forum.ucoz.com

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